Here is a video taken at the U.S. Hotel on Halloween night. It's of a K2 meter and Mel-meter rem pod. The K2 would peak on us for no apparent reason. At first, we thought a cellphone (even though turned off) was setting it off, and then we thought it was because our hand was getting close to the K2. We realized neither of those were the cause. The lights would peak as I brought my hand to the meter as if it were my hand, and as I moved away from it, they would drop. It would do this several times and then just quit. Not sure what was causing it, could not find any reason for it.

This is a video taken as we were getting set up. The K2 was going off and shortly after, one of our Investigators felt an overwhelming presence invading her space. We come to find out at the end of the night that a member of the public had the exact same experience in the exact same room during her time upstairs with us. She came back up at the end of the night to explain it to us, and she had no idea that our investigator had the same experience earlier.

This is a second camera in the same room that we forgot was there. For some reason, it would only allow me to upload 5 minutes of the video.

You can play these two videos at the same time to get a better idea of what was going on in the room at the time this K2 was lighting up on us.

First off, ignore the date / time on the video. This was on Oct. 30th 2015, I just didn't reset that on the camera, but that doesn't change the evidence. You will see an orb drop extremely quick on the right side of the screen from about mid screen to bottom. Shortly after that, you will see an orb then rise from where that one fell moving from the bottom upward, crossing in front of the window. Not to mention that the Ovilus says paranormal while we are talking.

Here is a video inside the U.S. Hotel where one of our investigators feels something tugging at her arm. During the time she feels this, the camcorder, which is mounted on a tripod, keeps trying to auto focus. It only did this during this short session. In the 3 years that I've had this camcorder, it has never done this when carried around or mounted in one spot. I know it doesn't prove anything, but it was odd that this took place when one of us had a personal experience and has never been documented before on this unit. At the very least....interesting.