This was caught in October 2013 at Duffy's Tavern in Boalsburg, PA. It is a spirit that we made contact with and found out his name and that he was a 4 yr old boy. When asked if he can roll the flashlight back to us, you hear him clearly say "yeah". The investigator calls out to me when the flashlight starts to roll back to her, and you hear Michael clearly laugh a "HA HA HA". The investigator then says "that was awesome" and you just make out Michael saying "Thank You". We never heard any of that conversation or laugh while there. We didn't catch it until we got home and started to review the evidence of the flashlight rolling back to us that we realized he had been talking and laughing.


That's right, yes


Other Great catches by our team

More JABA evidence of activity

Orb at Duffy's Tavern

Communication with a Civil War Soldier

Black blob goes across middle of screen (at the 15 second mark) from left to right, then laser grid pulsates 

Spirit says "Ashes" before investigator does

I'm counting to 10. When I get to 9, the spirit says 10, when I say 10, the spirit says 11 - 12.

"shadow man"


This was caught in October 2015 at  The U.S. Hotel in Hollidaysburg, PA. It is a spirit that was standing in a hallway that was blocked off to the public. While we stood at the end of the hall facing it, it was only about 7 feet from us. There was a table across the hall seperating us from it. When we moved closer to the table, it would leave. When we stepped back again, it would appear. When we shone a light on it, it was not there.

Rob Z from Hot 100 Altoona was with us at the Baker Mansion

when we came across these eyes. We spent 3 hours trying to debunk this and could not.